Ex- veterinarian, Sarah Lavely, has recently founded the perfect business for these trying times, a chic little downtown boutique called Sarah’s Smash Shack. Got canned from work? Unceremoniously dumped by you sig-other? Did your only other single friend just announce her engagement and you’re feeling majorly STRESSED? Trying to feel better by practicing yoga, chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, or whining to your shrink and it’s just not working? What you need, my friend, is a visit to Sarah’s Smash Shop, where you can exorcize all your demons simply by “breaking stuff”.

Let me break down how it works:
After entering Sarah’s bright cheery storefront, you first order from the Smash Shack Breakable Menu, which offers assorted glasses, plates, vases, framed photos, or for the undecided, the “mystery box” which has a little of everything.The big white ceramic dinner plates are Lavely’s biggest seller -because they require an extra strong throw before they violently shatter against the stainless steel wall. Sarah’s also offers a “corking fee,” for a BYOSB, bring-your-own-stuff-to-break. Some customers report that bringing a large photo of the “jerk-in-question” to paste on the wall for target practice,offers even more satisfaction.

Next you suit up (which really adds to the whole experience) in astronaut-type coveralls, face masks, boots, gloves, and finally the helmet,oh yeah…you’re now ready to do some real damage.

Then you are escorted into one of the private “break-rooms”. DO NOT forget to bring your own Ipod/MP3 player loaded with your very best break-up tunes that you can crank up full volume.

And finally you are free to throw, destroy,demolish, hurl, and smash to your lil’ heart’s(or pocketbook since these breakables aren’t cheap but hey, it’s reasonable for a full-fledged catharsis) content.

Sarah’s Smash Shack
1353 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
Downtown, between ash & A