le tau scarf

    Hoodie and Muff designer scarves by Letau Designs

The best travel items are those that prove themselves to be “carry-on space-worthy” by serving double duty. Letau Designs’ has created two new versatile scarves that both merit a corner…and twice the compliments.

The first is a reversible Hooded scarf can be worn up or down with either side of the fabric showing for four completely different looks. Chic and practical.

The second style is so unique it’s even patented: a Drawstring scarf with a toggle. Can be worn cinched tight for a pretty, ruffled neck-muff or loosened to use as a belt or shoulder wrap.

Both styles come in a variety of gorgeous colors and fabrics ranging from tweedy herringbone to luxurious satins. Prices start at $66.00. Purchase on line or check the locations for a store near you.

    The Shoul

Everyone is freezing to death on the plane which doesn’t have a single *&^$@# blanket available. Everyone except you. Because a smart girl like you just pulls out her Shoul, AKA “the smart shoulder wrap” to cozy up with. Not your grandmother’s shawl, it’s unique neckline design means it stays in place without bunching up (unlike those pesky pashminas) keeping you warm and toasty.

Available in two lightweight washable knits: acrylic ($42) or a luxe cashmere blend ($59) in multiple colors. See website for ordering.
That’s a wrap.