I’ve actually been sportin’ this hairstyle for years now, and rather unsurprisingly, am right now in fact! It’s the perfect hairstyle for traveling when you won’t have much time to fuss over your hair or need those pesky bangs out of your eyes. It also can lend a sense of chic and fun to an otherwise boring outfit.

Hair and beauty expert Dawn Stobart of Beauty & Balance Salon has shared with us a few style tips on how to achieve a Startifacts-worthy ‘do on your own when traveling or have a special event to attend.

Isla Fisher‘s Side Braid- This is much easier than it looks. Part hair in the middle and pull back one side to start braid. Now, you can either proceed with a loose braid that you can pin back, or you can go headfirst into a semi French braid, bringing a little more hair with you with each turn. Leaving the rest of the hair long and loose will keep a fun yet sexy look for most any occasion.

Reese Witherspoon‘s Vintage Waves- First off, to get a vintage-inspired look, the part needs to be moved all the way over to the middle of the eye or further. Then, use a big curling iron or extra large curlers to transform straight hair into cascading waves. Don’t forget to use a heat protector before the iron, and remember to always smooth on a gloss afterwards for extra shine and protection. A small bobby pin or barrette to pull the hair out of your face will be a nice finishing touch.

Kate Beckinsale‘s Sophisticated Updo- Starting with dry straight hair, use a curling iron to curl hair piece by piece, from halfway down all the way to the ends. After everything is curled, pull back into a tight pony tail at the crown of the head and secure. Gently pin separated curls around the pony tail creating a voluminous bouffant. For a little more sparkle, add little rhinestones or other hair jewelry sporadically throughout the curls.

et voila!