Whether in love, seeking love or simply trying to understand the science of love and making a lasting connection, romantics will enjoy author Leil Lowndes’ new book – How to Create Chemistry with Anyone.

Lowndes shares 75 of her very best communication strategies and techniques based on personal stories and research spanning twenty years.

Understanding the key inherent differences between the sexes, physical and psychological, beyond the generalized Mars/Venus scenario is the first step in the process.

Sprinkle in nature versus nurture experiences, flaring emotions and a vulnerable situation or circumstance and you have a recipe for love.

Lowndes succinctly summarizes “Chemistry Makes the World Go Round”.

Chemistry leads to passion which will lead to love …and finally to what we all desire – lasting commitment.

Follow Lowndes on her literary exploration of what she calls “Limbic Land”.


Gals, below are a few cliff notes adapted from the book for consideration:

10 Ways to Create Lasting Love

  1. Recognize that the male and female brains are structurally different and produce different chemicals. So don’t expect your partner to really understand you.
  2. Aim to be sanely in love, not just crazy in love. Science proves that the passionate “want sex all the time” love lasts less than two years. But love can last forever – if you use both the emotional and rational parts of your brain.
  3. Make sure you and your partner have similar deep beliefs and values in life. Having smaller differences keep the excitement chemicals (like dopamine) churning. But harmony on the more weighty issues of life creates different chemicals (like oxytocin and vasopressin). Cognitive Science calls these “ the cuddle chemicals” and they result in “coupling”.
  4. Have matching definitions of “togetherness”.
  5. Find someone and be someone, who can be depended upon in both good times and bad.
  6. Encourage each other’s personal and professional growth. Share in his/her enthusiasm.
  7. Make an effort to keep your sex-life exciting.
  8. Don’t underestimate the power of touch. A kiss, a hung and hand holding – all of them create oxytocin in the brain that inspires feelings of love, trust and bonding.
  9. Make time to have fun with each other.
  10. Laugh together for any reason. When your body is laughing, your brain thinks you’re happy and identifies your partner as a source of joy.

 My Diva Top Lowndes’ Tips:

  • It’s all about THEM not you! Most men want sexy… so do sexy. Lure your man with hints of sex… then capture him with your qualities.
  • Acknowledge & Appraise. Scan the goods. And, show interest and approval with your smile andeyes.
  • Forget Fashion. Think Flirtation. Show some SKIN. Opt for adjustable not revealing clothing. Show only what you want to show not the whole package. And, if you must be conservative on the outside – be sexy and sizzling underneath. Think Catholic School Girl with Victoria Secret lingerie! Leave a little to his imagination.
  • A Secret Weapon is Silent Messaging. Think “Hot Thoughts” while holding or shaking his hand. He won’t know what hit him.

And, my ultimate favorite: “Say YES before he asks” (We ARE mind readers. Time to make YES easier than NO) with accepting cues setting the stage so he will not face his greatest fear – rejection.

Curious to learn more… be sure to snag a copy. The perfect gift for you and a friend!

Available in bookstores and online now.