I’m home. I have 6 chapters to write and my Apple Powerbook G4 is still in the shop. Reason? Don’t really know, looks like it needs a new logic board, but they can’t seem to find one. When will I get it back? Another week I’m told. This is after my computer was in the shop for three weeks in August.

I’m sick and disgusted with Apple and their lack of support and information. Nobody is taking responsibility for my computer, nor do they have a definite answer about when I’ll be getting it back. I’ve been an Apple user since 1993 and I’m about to give up and go PC.

Naomi at Apple told me to talk to her like a profession. When she kept cutting me off,  I began raising  my voice because she was not listening to what I was asking. I’d get the canned, “I understand how you feel” platitude. Feel free to call her and asked about when my computer will be ready, make sure to talk to her professionally: 800-275-2273, press 89 to bypass the recorded nonsense, and her extension is 40231.

I have lost 5 weeks without my computer, and after this fiasco it will be another week. I am very disappointed with Apple. I asked for a loaner computer, but they do not offer that service.

After spending two and a half weeks traveling, and looking forward to getting my computer back so I could access all my previous files, I’m beyond frustrated. I’m pissed and ready to go to Apple’s headquarters and sit until I get a new computer. Hell, if there’s on thing I’ve learned on this trip, it how to sit for long periods of time.

If you have any other solutions, prey tell.