Sometimes you just need a break from all the bad news, traffic jams, missed deadlines, and that boss you never liked. What you need is Andy Somebody, an action comedy that’s pure escapism therapy.

Sadly, most people can relate to unhappy jobs and bosses from hell. In this film, Andy Fielder, a depressed accountant for an unscrupulous plastic surgeon in Chicago who treats him abominably, reaches his limit, and with a few lines of code manages to wipe out the bosses bank account of three million bucks.

Of course, Andy has to make his escape, past the employee sent to sit outside his office until he finishes cooking the books. Finally, he’s outta there, running past two bored cops in their car, assigned there as punishment. The only action all day is the sight of bumbling Andy running past. Of course, they failed to wake up and notice. Andy makes his way to his best friend’s house in Los Angeles.

Despite being a computer whiz, Andy is clearly an amateur thief. His whereabouts are immediately tracked, as he clearly didn’t watch enough murder mysteries to learn you always buy a burner phone when you’re on the run. Luckily, boss man can’t call the cops, instead hires an incompetent hit man who’s now on his way to LA. On the lam again, Andy lands at the dusty Old West Motel. The manager there should get her own film, she provides infinite comedy with her crazy bravado.

You would think the right thing to do is return all the money. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. A lot of unpredictable and funny plot twists get in the way. The ending is quite satisfying. Enjoy the ride.

We had some questions for director / co-writer Jesse David Ing:

I’d love to know if the writer’s were inspired by any soul crushing jobs, and if so, what jobs. 

Jeremy M. Evans and I wrote the script and throughout our years have both had some pretty terrible jobs. I was a bill collector out of college and spent 2 years calling people about their car payments. It was horrible. Jeremy did data entry for a short while and wanted to jump out of a window.

Why Chicago? The beautiful visuals are a love letter. 

Jeremy is from Decatur, IL and lived in Chicago for a few years and wanted to give the city a big old hug.

Are the actors friends of the writer or director? 

Leslie Wong (Joy) is Jesse’s business partner and friend, Jeremy is Jesse’s friend and they wrote the script together so Jeremy and Leslie could act and Jesse could direct. Jacob Bruce (Gene), Nicole Butler (Darcie), Carmen Morales (Mel), David Forseth (Detective Dave), Peter Fluet (Detective Pete), Becky Wu (Joy’s sister) Gina Manziello (Farrah) Silvana Zender (Sofia), Austen Jaye (Marcus) are all actor friends of Jesse, Jeremy and Leslie and they all auditioned and earned the parts they played.

Any behind the scenes stories?

I told the cast to give me a year and we could shoot this movie in chunks. Shoot, raise money, shoot raise money, etc. I asked them not to cut their hair, move away or gain any weight and we tried to finish the film in a year. However, Leslie was married and became pregnant, twice, and then the pandemic came and we had to go on hiatus for over a year so the film ended up taking longer than we anticipated. In the end, we all stuck together and got it done somehow. What an amazing bunch of people to have on our team.

Andy Somebody is available on most major VOD platforms, such as Amazon, Apple TV+, etc.