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It is a new year and the potential for a new you!

Whether it is slimming down, saying bye-bye to a bad habit or simplifying and de-cluttering your life, the goal can be daunting.

Research experts remind us there is an underlying force lurking in our minds that sets us up for failure – STRESS.

Stress can derail and destroy dreams and end lives.

It is important to recognize and accept the power of the scientific and philosophical equation “cause and effect” when trying to impact positive change.

The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living offers a practical approach to reducing stress and bringing us closer to joyful contentment.

Mayo Clinic stress management and resiliency expert, Dr. Amit Sood, explains how an imbalance in the brain produces unwanted stress and keeps us off track. In his book, he offers actionable steps to cultivate emotional and mental strength to help us successfully stick to those New Year resolutions.

Henry Ford broke it down well, when he said:

“Life is a series of experiences”

Dr. Sood validates this statement in each chapter.

“Each experience has three key components: attention, interpretation and action.”

We are masters of our own mind and can control those experiences.

Dr. Sood encourages careful self-examination.

” Your brain and mind work very hard to keep you stressed”

Think “system reboot” to get back in sync.

The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living is a refreshing read.

Free of radical rituals and harsh regimens, the book is a profound and personalized road map to a peaceful stress-free existence.

Words of Wisdom call out to readers on every page.

A few Tango Diva inspirational favorite excerpts:

  • Engage with your life now. Each day spent being partially present is a day that’s not fully lived.
  • Habits develop around short-term rewards, not necessarily long-term goals
  • You stop enjoying what you’re trying to improve.
  • Everyday serve yourself some fresh air.
  • Gratitude makes you happier.
  • Kindness gifted is kindness received.
  • When you choose your thoughts, you are likely to think positively; random thoughts are more likely to be ruminative and negative.
  • Your challenges are also your life’s breath.
  • Instead of focusing on what you have or can get, invest in who you are or can be.
  • Laughter nourishes your mind as breath nourishes your body.
  • Make peace with the past.
  • Don’t let a moment of anger destroy a lifetime of love.

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