Celebrated Actress, Tina Lifford shares life lessons and empowering words in her book – The Little Book of BIG LIES: and TRUTHS That Set You Free

The book, full of heartfelt wisdom, is designed to be an inspiring road map to transforming old patterns into new personal power.

Tina is our spiritual leader along this literary journey offering clear insights on how to navigate through the pain of the past and embrace the beauty and goodness of the present. We, as readers, are tasked to take real action toward change by facing truths and dispelling the lies to find a way back to our authentic SELF.

The pages recount deeply personal and intimate stories. Each passage illustrates how one, weighted down by life’s challenges, can take on the role of victim and lose hope.

Tina reminds us…all is not lost.

One must dig down deep to seek and find the truth. Then, shift our focus by learning to reprogram our brains to think in terms of what is RIGHT not what is WRONG.

She writes –

” The brain can change at any age. Old pain can change. We are not doomed or dictated by our old dramas, traumas, upsets and disappointments.”

“Interacting with overwhelm in new ways is the path to rewiring, healing and reconnecting to our SELF.”

Tina’s passion reaches out to the readers beyond the pages with an arsenal of Inner Fitness skills. She offers guided instruction in a thoughtful exercise at the close of each chapter and an invitation to join the movement toward spiritual well-being.

Understanding that it takes courage and commitment to ignite change, Tina is a faithful friend cheering us on.

A motivating mantra ensues.

The time is now to say NO to the lies and YES to Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Acceptance.

Thank you Tina for keeping the power of the sisterhood alive and forever strong in the universe!

Suggested Retail: $14.95

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