Travel the world and get paid for it! Turn your summer vacation into a writing clip you can pitch to magazines, newspapers, and web sites. Bring your travel writing ideas to the Advanced Travel Writing workshop on Saturday, July 24 and learn what it takes to land assignments at major travel publications.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How the travel market operates
  • Ways to stretch your travel budget
  • How to turn one trip into multiple story opportunities
  • Why having a web presence is your most effective tool
  • What editors look for and how to get them to notice you
  • How to make money in the online travel world and a blueprint for success
  • How to develop quarterly pitch plans to effectively engage with your markets

Learn more and register! The workshop is limited to 12 students, so sign up now.

About the Instructor: Jay Cooke is client solutions manager at Lonely Planet, where he develops mixed-media travel content campaigns for American Express and Prior to this, he was as senior commissioning editor of Lonely Planet Latin America and commissioning editor of US east, where he commissioned travel guides and content for New York City and New Orleans.

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