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Premiering at the 2019 San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM), Wild Rose gives the audience someone to cheer for. Lead actress Jessie Buckley sings her heart out as aspiring Glasgow country singer Rose Lynn. Did you ever notice that country singers always have the middle name, Lynn?  Anyway, Rose Lynn has a lot of obstacles in her way, including herself. A young single mother of two, fresh out of jail, with no idea how to parent, let alone how to make her way to Nashville.

We follow the singers’ poor life choices, pawning off her children to a series of friends, breaking promises and boozing in the pub. Wild Rose goes deep into one woman’s’ fight to overcome her circumstances, grow up, and eventually find her authentic self. Rose Lynn learns to appreciate what she has and use it, instead of pretending to be someone she’s not. A lesson for all of us.

Wild Rose is a combination of “Wizard of Oz” and “Star is Born”, and in the end, Rose Lynn learns there’s no place like home.