Why should you use a travel agent? Here are just a few reasons…more to follow

1: Travel agents offer freebies, upgrades and special perks for the same or better price than you can find online

2: They are there for you when your flight is cancelled or your hotel is overbooked. Who are you going to call if you booked on an online website and just another number to them?

3: They have a network of options that far surpasses what you might find online

4: Many have been there, done that or know another agent who has and can give u the real scoop!

5: Most great travel agents do this for a living! They have the time to do the research, that is unless you are retired or have nothing better to do.

6: Will an online website let you know the price has dropped???

7: This is your vacation!!! Isnt it worth trusting a professional?
To be continued. For questions, contact Alyse 415-892-5076