After returning from a week long cruise of the Mexcian Riviera, it’s a little sad to say that the highpoint of our trip was the dinner we had in San Diego the night before we left, was th highpoint! I know many people adore cruising but I couldn’t wait to get off of the %$#@#$%ship.

The Linkery, located in the up & coming artsy, foodie area of North Park, and features possibly the world’s best Sausage, in many delicious flavors, shapes and guises. Totally hip,original and refreshingly void of pretense, The Linkery would be my neighborhood restaurant if I lived in the nabe.

This farm-to-table bisto oozes coolness, with it’s high beamed ceiling,sophisticated wine colored walls, and in-the-know foodie crowd. The ever changing- menu features the freshest seasonal cuisine and almost everything from the hearth-baked breads, mustards, sauerkraut, sausages to the rich and creamy ice-cream is made in house.

Plan on showing up early, since they don’t take rezzies, and also because it takes a while to order. Not because the staff is slow, but because it all sounds scrumptious and you’ll have trouble narrowing down your selections. I’d suggest ordering family style with everyone sharing, and if you can’t reach a consensus, the wait-staff make great arbitrators. A few major standouts from our dinner (although there wasn’t a clunker on the list) were:

-Grilled green beans in ginger and cask-aged Shoyu
-Smoked chorizo & goat flatbread
– the best Choucroute I’ve had outside of France with house made sauerkraut braised in Mosel Riesling, house cured jowl bacon, melted Gouda cheese, house baked bread, and your choice of sausages
– for a bunch of different tastes, try the Lowcountry boil: Wild Mexican shrimp, local Manila clams,Andouille sausage, Pee Wee potatoes,and California corn served with house made jalapeño cornbread.

The same mix and match philosophy will work when ordering your beverages since they offer a huge list of craft beers, a flavorful cask beer and a wide selection of unique sparkling meads, wines and ciders. These are all offered in various sizes from mini- tastes up to full bottles, so you can go crazyy with imaginative pairings or flights.