by Megan Whiteaker

Move over little blue pill and Dr. Drew, sea moss shakes and
Procreation Vacations are in the house. Granted, sea moss shakes aren’t usually the cocktail of the day, but they are definitely the new go-to drink, in the Caribbean, to get things rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ in the bedroom.

Recently hotels and resorts across the world have come up with
packages for couples who are looking to add one more to the family
tree. Procreation Vacations are the newest rage providing couples with
romantic locations, on-site sex doctors, romantic advice and exotic
food and drink, all calculated to get the mood just right to do the

Some obstetricians are even giving Procreation Vacations the thumbs up
saying that a long weekend of R&R to release some stress could never
hurt and often times is successful. Taking that romantic vacation
could help couples reconnect and focus on each other, allowing the
romance to blossom and once again become fun and allow things to
happen naturally.

Because let’s face it, in today’s modern world, time
is valuable and our personal lives, more times then not,
become the victims of neglect. Procreation Vacations provides that
opportunity that helps couples relieve the anxiety of trying to
conceive and in doing so, allows them to focus on their sensual side
and improve their chances at conception.

The price of Procreation Vacations can vary depending on location and
time of year. There are many locations available from which everyone
can choose that special place, which will set just the right mood for
that sexy steamy baby making session.

The Westin Resort at Lucaya Beach on Grand Bahama Island

This Procreation Vacation package provides couples with acres of
white sandy beaches and a romantic atmosphere designed to get you in
the mood. The package includes such things as unlimited glasses of sea
moss elixir, know as the Viagra of the Caribbean, made from sea moss
mixed with evaporated milk, sugar and spices. For the ladies, there are
unlimited bowls of pumpkin soup which is said to be a local remedy
used to promote fertility, successful pregnancies and lactation.

Also included in the package is one 50-minute couple’s massage with
aromatherapy, an aid in regulating women’s fertility cycles, and
reflexology, known for boosting virility. Also included in the package
is one in-suite dinner for two and one romantic dinner for two at one
of the resort’s fine restaurants.

The Five Gables Inn & Spa in St. Michael’s, Maryland

A quaint bed and breakfast, their Birds & the Bees package is for two nights
and includes a couple’s massage, twelve oysters–also said to be an
aphrodisiac, wine at a local pub and a pair of boxers shorts (with
hearts of course!)

The Teton Mountain Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Teton Mountain Lodge offers their Peak Procreation Vacation which is designed to set the mood with a mixture
of adventure, comfort and romance. Couples will receive a junior
suite with a king bed, kitchen and fireplace for four nights. There is
access to hiking, mountain biking and shopping in the Teton Village.

The package also includes a spa treatment at the Mountain Lodge Spa, a
private candle-lit dinner for two in the couple’s room from the
Cascade Grill House, and a private guided horseback trip along the
Hoback River, including picnic lunch. After, the couple can return to
chilled champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in their room.

So whether your trying to procreate or just in need of a relaxing
vacation, grab your cutest bathing suite, your sexiest sun dress and
your scrumptious boy toy and get funky with it. Oh, and don’t forget
the sea moss shake!

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