by Michelle McDermott

Each morning, as my sons wriggle to escape their goodbye kiss from me, I have my pink Noodle bottle waiting and ready for action.

Conditioning hair polish, initially formulated to smooth children’s bed head, is in my secret cache of products used to send them to school looking halfway presentable. A quick squirt from this bottle and boy hair begone!

Formed an infantile two years ago by Christine Berger, Noodle and Boo’s elegant pink boxes are now appearing on retailers’ shelves all over the USA.

With the objective to create and formulate products suitable for children with sensitive skin, Christine set to work with a team of world class chemists and has successfully achieved her goal.

On looking closely at the products available for sale, you will notice that some ingredients normally applicable to children’s personal care products have been excluded: numbing agents used in tearless products, the usual suspects such as botanical and antibacterial ingredients, and of course, surfactants.

Instead, you will find soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, nutrient rich milk protein, natural antioxidants which protect babies from environmental factors, and oatmeal.

New moms will be delighted with the sweet creme signature scent which was developed as a result of many focus groups where the participants desired a fragrance that kept their babies smelling like babies—think of warm milk and vanilla beans with top notes of apricot and peach—divine!!

With reasonable pricing and an attractive product, Noodle and Boo are not quite finished yet—twenty percent of all profits are donated to organizations which support children, and customers are encouraged to nominate non profit organizations in their area which can benefit from this programme. So far, Katrina Relief, YMCA and have benefited from this young, enterprising company.

On looking at the elegant row of pink bottles on the bathroom shelf, the trauma of hairwashing night in the McDermott household is now but a distant memory.

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Extra Gentle Shampoo. $12 8oz bottle

Conditioning Hair Polish $12 8oz bottle

Soothing Body Wash. $12 8oz bottle

French-Milled Baby Soap. $6 3.5oz bar

Super Soft Lotion. $14 8oz bottle

Playday Sunscreen – SPF 30. $22 4oz tube

Ultimate Cleansing Cloths. $12. 80 count in tube

Ultimate Baby Ointment. $17.50. 4oz tube

Bouncing Baby Bubbles $14. 8oz bottle

French-Milled Baby Soap Gift Box. $36. Six 3.5oz bars

Forever Keepsake Box. $48

Extra gentle shampoo

Soothing Body Wash

Super Soft Lotion

Forever Journal

Your Buddy Boodles $32

Noodle & Boo Mascot and Ambassador of Hope

(Lovable plush monkey)