by Eliana Moscoso

Considering a visit to Lima, Peru? You will need a refresher before you hit the polo fields and dine at Rosa Nautica restaurant. Head over to the coastal section of town for a relaxing massage at Zest, a luxury spa nestled within the five-star Miraflores Park Hotel (

Nothing is more important than feeling, and therefore looking, good! And I for one can attest to that! I had a splendid experience with a relaxing massage treatment.

Zest Spa is located on the eleventh floor in Miraflores Park Hotel, which belongs to the prestigious international Orient Express collection ( When you arrive, you are beckoned by a beautiful infinity pool with a spectacular Pacific Ocean view. It’s like stepping into cool clean water. You are welcomed by the hospitality and kindness of Zest personnel, who are very qualified and experienced.

My first impression is one of an atmosphere of peace and serenity. There are three very comfortable treatment rooms, simply and classically decorated. Each room is infused with warm lighting and perfumed with delicate aromas such as crushed mint and lemon zest, creating a sense of total release and harmony.

My masseuse, Emperatriz, a skilled physiotherapist, recommended the 90 minute Amazon Scrub which is a blend of sea salt and Copaiba oil, an Amazon plant that provides soothing nutrients and healing, leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Additionally, this aromatic body scrub stimulates circulation which is jsut fantastic.

Alternative body scrubs offered are according to your type of skin. One scrub to check out after a long flight is the avocado and Brazil nut blend which provides much needed intensive hydrating or the Peruvian olive oil with brown sugar that it is drenched in local olive oil and eucalyptus to awaken your senses and smooth the skin.

After the massage, enjoy a warm shower and be ready for two wonderful treatments. The avocado moisturizing blend for your hair which hydrates and smoothes each fiber of your hair and is applied during a scalp massage.

And the Oriental Foot Massage is perfect after walking all day in Lima. It alleviates the fatigue in your feet and leaves them ready for the next day. In this massage you will enjoy reflexology techniques that diminish any annoyance in your feet, leaving smooth skin due to the application of a blend of Amazon plant extracts like Copaiba with Tea Tree and Rosemary which also increase circulation.

Up to this moment my visit has been extraordinary. Nevertheless, I need to tell you of one of the most interesting treatments. The Peruvian Heated Stone Massage. Simply, stunning. In 90 minutes these volcanic stones, brought from Huamanga town located in the Peruvian Andes, alleviate the muscles of your body from the stress and the tension.

Imagine this massage after returning from a long trip in Cuzco, for example, after the Inca Trail. The renovation of your forces would be immediately. These stones are placed in all your energetic points of your body, for the heat enters to fulfill its objective. As well, Emperatriz, with her magical hands, is massaging your body with aromatic and relaxing oils.

Finally, to complete my beauty corporeal treatment, I enjoy a facial with products of French luxury beauty brand, Lancome Paris.

Though I did not have time for it, Zest offers an exquisite menu of options like Floating Wraptures, which consists of a deep hydrating of your body in a thermal dry-float bed. Previously, you will need an exfoliation with a dry brush with a mixture of emollients agents on a thermal water stretcher, which allows the absorption of this blend revitalizing the exhausted bodies.

Moreover, Zest Spa presents other therapeutic massages such as Swedish Relaxing Massage, Custom Deep Tissue Massage, and Shiatsu Massage. All of these 60-90 minutes massages promote relaxation, improve the sanguineous circulation and reduce stress.

NOTE: All available with unscented oil.

Plus, there is a Zest Purification massage indicated for individual well being, using Swedish massage techniques with aromatic blends for Relaxing (Lavender, Melisa and Rosemary blend), Balancing (Palma Rosa oil and essential oils of Echinacea and Geranium blend), and Energizing (essential oils of Lemon and Peppermint blend).

All of these eliminate toxins, relieve tension and induce a deep state of relaxation. You can select 60, 90 and 120 minute packages.

I enjoyed my visit with Zest immensely and encourage you to treat yourself to this latest gift to womankind!

For More Information:

Zest Spa Miraflores Park Hotel

Av. Malecón de la Reserva 1035 Miraflores

Lima, Perú

Reservations: 511.610.4000, x223



About the Author

Eliana is Peruvian and was born and lives in the capital, Lima. She jetsets all over South America sourcing fashion finds for her import business. A juant to Brazil or Argentina is just in a days work!