Listen carefully, while you’re being pampered at the Bangkok Oasis Spa, and you’ll hear it – the faint sound of birds singing in nearby trees. Gentle, soothing and natural, the perfect aura of tranquility that city spas yearn to achieve comes naturally at Oasis Spas’ newest location in Bangkok.

Spirit-soothing Zen gardens, beautifully entwining Banyan trees and swathes of greenery enclose its 15 treatment rooms that have no need for artificial CDs to create an authentic idyllic ambiance. At Bangkok Oasis Spa, the birdsong comes free as one of many delightful sensory stimulants afforded by its lush rural surroundings and lavish spa treatments.

That such a peaceful spot exists within one of Bangkok’s most frenzied areas will surprise and delight guests. Co-founder, Pakin and Toby, admits they were fortunate to find such a striking downtown location. Yet, luck was not involved in creating buildings that blend Moroccan, Zen and Thai styles with sandstone and the gentle sound of falling waters.

Built to house 15 self-contained treatment rooms (each with private shower, toilet and changing facilities) the lavish facilities are complimented by elegant Teak furniture exclusively designed for its interior areas. Open in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya.

Although ambiance, interiors design, personable service and management expertise are certainly vital to a spas success, it’s the treatments that ultimately win over guests and keep them coming back for more.

Oasis Spa’s menu of therapies and treatments is quite impressive. You’ll find everything from single treatments for an hour or so to lavish packages that replenish you from head to toe and include plenty of time to lounge in steam rooms or Jacuzzi’s and take most of a day. Everything from herbal body scrubs, wraps, facials and hydrotherapy to Ayuverdic, Swedish and of course, traditional Thai-style massages are available along with their ‘signature treatments.’

One particularly decadent treatment is called the “Oasis Four-hands Massage.” Not one, but two therapists work their hands in tandem, running fragrant oil over the body in blissful, synchronized waves. They often employ long strokes, but at other times intertwine their hands to rendering the body abuzz with a sensation that word cannot describe.

The Bangkok Oasis Spa, is located near the city’s center.