What do you get when you take 6 countries, , 1 carry-on, 3 planes, 3 trains, 8 hotels, 4 time zones, and 1 crazy Tango Diva? You get the start of my nex book! The title at this moment is: FLY SOLO: THE 50 PLACES ON EARTH FOR A GIRL TO TRAVEL ALONE. It will be published by Penguin (Perigee imprint) in 2007. So I’ve got to jet around the world and check out the best places for traveling beauties!

I’d love for you to come with me, but then I wouldn’t be traveling alone! So, how about if you just join me online. You’ll get to visit London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Budapest with me!

I just got back from the Bahamas, and I need to clean out the sand in my carry-on and get ready to jam it with sexy scarves, comfy boots, clean undies, and lip gloss.
Hey, if you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please do! And if you live in one of the fine cities I’m visiting, drop me a note and we can meet up over a glass of champagne or absinthe! :)