Tango Diva goes to BangkokI am addicted to Google Earth. Every chance I get to play with this incredible program I will. It’s like flying across the globe sans the long lines, airplane food, lost luggage, and jet lag. All you do is type in a destination and the image of the earth starts to spin in the direction of your city. You virtually fly through the sky and then dramatically descend onto your chosen spot. If it is a popular place, you can find lots of information about it–including posts from other uses, historical tidbits, National Geographic pictures and links to other relevant websites.

I zoomed down into Bangkok and check it out from the sky! I then flew over to Melbourne Australia, across to Buenos Aires, then up to Beijing–all in a matter of minutes! If you love exploring the world as much as I do, then Google Earth is a desktop must. It is a great way to fill those hectic moments, when you just want to escape for a few minutes, and soar above the world.