Name: Nate Hansen

Age: 35

Hometown: Sedona, Arizona

Occupation: Public Relations and Special Projects Director/Writer

Status: Taken

Diva Minds Want to Know…

1. Where do you like to flirt?

Subtle and laid back nightlife in Sedona allows “conscious” conversation at almost every late-night bar or restaurant. Having that said, Shef’s Bar at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, Red’s Restaurant at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, and The Martini Bar.

2. Where is your favorite table for two?

Los Betos in the Village of Oak Creek (best breakfast burrito—#22), Joey Bistro at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, Elote, The Hideaway

3. Where should we stay when we visit?

Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, Junipine Resort.

4. What qualities do you find irresistible in a woman?

Intelligence, ambition, goal-oriented, spontaneous but most importantly a motherly quality that masks an intensely passionate person—it takes a comfortable amount of time to get to know. I have patience…kinda.

5. Where can we find you on a free Sunday afternoon?

Pushing my 17-month son in a B.O.B. power stroller over red rock trails as I read (I’m an odd one), playing softball or driving Forest Service Roads trying my best to get lost.

6. What do you love most about your hometown (besides our arrival)?

Sedona has a hometown feel with big-city sensibility, yet it works in an opposite way: people come from all over the world and are healed in one form or another. Instead of leaving overwhelmed they leave rejuvenated.

7. What should we bring when we visit? What should we leave with?

Camera and novice hiking gear. Memories and friendships—nobody is a stranger in Sedona.

8. What do we absolutely have to see while we’re there?

Chapel of the Holy Cross and views from aforementioned hiking trails.

9. Any areas of town we should avoid?


10. Any local secrets you want to share?

I’d be shot on sight if I shared.