twilight road trip to washington
Have to admit i’ve been out of the loop on this film. Apparently Twilight, the teen romance film between an awkward girl and a cute vampire has gone viral. Sleepy Forks, Washington is being beseiged by “Twilighters”. You see, the author, Stephanie Meyers, used this town of some 3,000 folks as the setting for her books.
Before Stephanie came along, Fork was best known for logging, jails & rain.
Now hotel occupancy is way up, and the locals are selling every Twilight kitsch they can round up, including action figures and pacifiers.
So if you’re a fan, all i can say is “road trip !”.
First stop should be the Forks Information Center.
Five day Forks Adventure Tours are given by
Forks Adventures.
Why Forks, Wash.? The author explains it all on her website,