Benefit Magazine Benefit Sunday firefighter‘Twas right around Christmas and all through San Fran,

Tons of Divas were wondering where to find a great man.

A hunk and a hero who drives a red truck-

Someone you’re dying to drag home and…

Never fear, brilliant Divas, real men await!

This Sunday at Slide is gonna be great.

We’ve teamed up with Benefit to bring holiday honey

To young Whos down in Whoville who don’t have much money.

So impress a fireman with your generous donations-

And hopefully get invited to share flowing libations.

Either way, Divas dear, you’ll have done a great thing

By coming to our party and dressing up in bling. 

Benefit Magazine and Tango Diva need your presence to inspire,

So see you Sunday, friendly beauties, when we’ll all be yelling, "Fire!"

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