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Travel Divas… now it is easy to keep your precious pearly whites healthy and picture perfect! 

The Slim Sonic by Violight is the ultimate “must-have” functional and fashionable travel accessory. Available in a palette of brilliant colors, animal prints and classics silver, black and white, this brush is a true trendsetter.

Say “bye-bye “to nostalgic bristles… and hello to clean technology!

Long Beach dentist and health professionals recommend this compact and portable toothbrush, roughly the size of a mascara tube, may be small but it delivers BIG results with its revolutionary sonic cleaning power! With the simple press of a button, the SLIM comes alive. Your teeth are treated to a VIP treatment – 22,000 rotating brush strokes per minute that clean and sanitize.

Get ready to be noticed with an “Electric” Smile every time!

Suggested Retail: $14.95

Best Bet “Beneficial” Accessory: A Sonic Sanitizer Extraordinaire!

Oral Care extends beyond the brush. It is important to focus on maintenance and safety. A simple water rinse leaves residue, germs and  other frightening finds too scary to even mention. But rest-assured! Violight’s Zapi Sonic Sanitizer will keep your toothbrush 99% germ free. 

Now available in fun, fanciful & cuddly creature designs, The Zapi Sonic Sanitizer is sure to be an instant hit with the entire family!

Suggested Retail: $34.95

For more information on the Slim Sonic, the Zapi Sanitizer and the full product line, visit Violight online.

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