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May 24th, 2007
Tie One On – Asian Style!

Yes Divas, I have made it to Malaysia! But before we touched down in the Country of a Million Smiles, we had a quick stop in Taiwan. On my Malaysia Airlines flight from LAX, I sat next to two fabulous people, one of them being Kai. She is a graduate from Washington and is returning to Taiwan to start her “real life.” I had a chance to ask her a few questions before we parted ways. And she is the newest member of the Diva Nation!

" target="_self"> Watch her video.

Malaysia Tango Diva Teresa Rodriguez WilliamsonI am now at Hotel Maya in Kuala Lumpur, which is a fabulous boutique hotel at the foot of the famous Twin Towers. They are the second highest buildings in the world. Check out my amazing view!

Hotel Maya Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Tango DivaThe trip from San Francisco is a long one. I left on Tuesday at 7 pm to get to the airport on time. My dear friend Krissie drove me to the airport and we met up over a piece of banana cream pie off the highway (tacky but yummy!).  My travels continued to LAX, then Taipei, and finally Kuala Lumpur! It is now Thursday! I totally lost Wednesday crossing the international timeline over the pacific somewhere.

Hotel Maya Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Tango DivaThe Maya Hotel is a wonderfully equipped hotel in the heart of KL. My room is very cozy. I have a wonderful firm bed and delightful pink suede lounge chair. My favorite room in the glasses bathroom with a big deep tub and glorious shower with one of those shower heads that come down from the ceiling. (If you have been following my blogs for the past few years, you know how much I love a good shower!)

It is my first time in Malaysia and I look forward to exploring the city! If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!




PS, many thanks to Malaysia Airlines for sponsoring this fabulous event! 


3 thoughts on “Tie One On – Asian Style!

  1. Hey, Teresa, Welcome to MALAYSIA.
    Actually I just accidentally bumped into this cool site and randomly pick a journal to read, and I just find yours..

    KL is a busy city, full of amazing shopping experience (KLCC, Starhill Gallery is my all time favourite), cool night life (Zouk, nuovo), and even local dishes (try Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik and Roti canai at any Mamak stall). KL is a city ready to be explore, so I do hope you really enjoy your holiday in KL..

    I’m a Malaysian living in Penang, a beautiful and wonderful island at the peninsular north region. I highly recommend you if you can made it to Penang. It will be around 4 hours to take a bus from KL to Penang, or alternatively 45 mins flight. Penang is full of people with warm hearts and heritage left by British colonization, Penang island is really a place to relax and explore.

    This year is our country 50th Anniversary, Malaysian Tourism has promote different places to visit with low price, check out at Tourism Center at Jalan Ampang, near KLCC. Hope you are having fun…. :)

  2. Hi Teresa,

    Welcome to Malaysia.

    Patti sent me the link to your blog and I’m actually looking for ways to let you know that you’re more than welcome to contact me during your stay here in KL. I’m a new Diva member so really stupid about working my way around the website (any sites for that matter).

    So send me a message if you like. Hope you have fun in the meantime! Eat, eat and eat.


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