Bid on designer bags and your money goes to the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Win Win!

And not just any designer bag, we’re talking donations from Sharon Stone (limited-edition Dior), Ann Getty (Hermes Birkin), Rev. Cecil Williams (Levis), Minnie Driver (Gianni Versace), Dede Wilsey (Chanel), Robert Downey Jr (Liberto Ferrero), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Proenza Schuler).

On Friday, October 25 at San Francisco’s historic Fairmont Hotel you have the perfect excuse to rescue that fabulous outfit lingering in your closet. Mingle with celebrities, fashionistas, philanthropists, politicians, artists, and those for whom cancer is a personal and professional cause.

The fundraiser is celebrating their 15th year of providing much-needed assistance to Bay Area women and men, who have an average income of $825, struggling with a challenging diagnosis of breast cancer, and the ridiculously high cost of living in the Bay Area. Recipients are given a safety net, saving them financially from the specter of lost jobs, insurance, and even their homes.

This Old Bag: The Power of the Purse has served over 4,000 people, providing over $36 million in assistance.

All this to say, plan on being in San Francisco Friday, October 25.

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