Be a sex goddess and look like one too! All it takes is a mirrorless room, a group of supportive all-female fellow students, and a couple o’ poles, and you’ve got yourself that elusive S Factor– sexy, stripping, slimming… Stephanie?
I had the immense pleasure (and courage) of trying out the intro S Factor class!
S Factor is the gym that Barbarella or Anna Nicole Smith might have built- founder Sheila Kelley turns fantasy into reality with her SF, LA, and NYC S Factor locations. Other fitness factories might make us all look better, but the S Factor makes us FEEL better! I walked out feeling sexy, and powerful in that I had a little secret- what did you do today? Oh, tried my hand at pole dancing. You?
My insatiable instructor was Shannon- part fitness guru, phone sex operator, and life coach all mixed in one, purring her commands at us, “You are beautiful women… feel your curves… run your hands over your body…”
Besides this healthful reunion with my sensual self, what I also came away with from this scintillating session was a newfound respect for the professional ladies of the pole- it’s hard work up there, and I have the shin bruises (from taking flying, twirling, flailing leaps at the poles) to prove it!
Feel your way to the S Factor–