Oh Divas, it was a tight MBT shoe competition, with entries from around the world. The judges took hours to read the many thoughtful and heartfelt entries.

Congratulations to the five well-deserving winners! Two of them are gifting their coveted MBTs to another deserving Diva. Meet the winners and their winning responses.

1) Sara Connell

“What would I do with a pair of MBTs? What would I do? Well, I had a 1 lb, 5.5 oz baby at 25 weeks’ gestation on November 19th. Little mister Jacob was in the neonatal intensive care unit until 2 weeks ago. During those four plus months, I spent every day with him at the hospital. He was on three different ventilators for two months, had heart surgery, received treatments and medications for his lungs that the NICU hadn’t used in a decade, and almost died twice. Needless to say, during that time I didn’t get out much. Now that Jacob is home with us, we are still somewhat limited in our mobility because he is on oxygen and heart & breathing monitors. We are, however, looking forward to going for walks now that spring is arriving here in Iowa. So, what would I do with a pair of MBTs? I would wear them on daily stroller walks with my precious little miracle, Jacob, so we can both be outside and enjoy nature and being together!”

2) Susan Pearson

“Oh how we Canadian Diva’s love the Swiss!
As the mother of the bride, I would wear my MBT’s to my daughter’s wedding in Switzerland!
Recently engaged, my daughter is Canadian and her groom is a “Swiss mister” from Zurich……
They met in NYC (where they both work) and they have a romantic wedding planned for August 2012. I have no doubt it will be a glorious day, BUT it will be a long day and I think the best way to be “light on my feet” is in my MBT’s. We begin our day with a boat cruise on Lake Zurich which will be followed by the wedding and reception. I’ve always been a “trend setter,” so here goes……………If I wear a long dress, my MBT’s can be easily (and discreetly) worn for this special occasion. That night when everyone else is complaining of aching feet, I will be “footloose and fancy free” in my MBT’s! PS …..I will send a picture of our Swiss wedding party!”

3) Martha Ashton

“If I won a pair of MBT’s I would know that it was a sign to wear them and return to The Tumaini Orphanage outside of Nairobi to visit my young friends! Did I mention that I published a little fiction book after visiting the orphanage? – “The Flowers of Tumaini” by Martha Jones Ashton. I’m not bragging; just pleased that my experience could be shared.”

4) Sara Berman for her mother Julie

“I would give them to my mother who has terrible plantar fasciitis. She loves to take long walks, but her ability to do so has recently been hampered by the pain. Someone recommended MBTs to her, so I would love to win her a pair!”

5) Renee Woodruff for her sister Rachel Curry, who is a nurse in the ER at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.

“I’d give my MBT’s to my twin sister, who is a nurse, since she’s on her feet all day doing things better than me to receive the shapely legs and bootie that she deserves!”

Many thanks to everyone who entered! And a big round of applause to our sponsor MBT Shoes!