Traveling without Jack George will never happen. No, they are not a set of gorgeous twins from Stockholm. One can only wish. Jack George is not my personal trainer either, although I do need one the way I eat when I travel.

It is hard to tell you about Jack George, because for the past year I have been coveting (isn’t that a sin?) my prized possession, and when women stop and eagerly ask me about Jack George—I lie (another sin).

So, I am here to redeem myself, and let you in on my secret. Jack George is my prized Hermes-esque orange tote. It is big and beautiful and Jack George has accompanied me on my many splendid trips around the world. Jack George has been up to the Artic Circle, as I watched the sun gently kiss the ground at midnight and down to the Thailand, where we swayed in a long boat on the emerald sea.

And through all the metal detectors, tarmacs, overhead compartments, and train rides, Jack George has held on strong, bold, and beautiful.

And it’s not all about style with J.G.Inside Jack George you will find a host of lovely little compartment where your iPod, cell phone, Purell, lip gloss, and pens will neatly fit. There is even a padded place to put your computer. The tote zips up nice and tight, so it’s perfect for solo traveling.

It is a great day-to-day bag, as well as perfect travel bag. There is plenty of room to stash a thick novel, tissues, your makeup bag, and your wallet. On the inside, you will find a super secure zipper compartment, which is where I keep my passport and travel documents.

There, now you know. If orange is not your color, Jack George comes in a few fabulous shades.

And to redeem myself even more, I will let you in on a little secret: you can get jack George delivered to your door in the next 7 days! Just click below and follow the link to our Tango Diva Boutique…