Inspired by the world’s most coveted spice, investment banker turned fashion designer Priya Saraswati and creative partner, designer Yugala Priti, created Saffron Rare Threads. Their divine guidance comes from the unique and worldly spice saffron—originally used to dye lace, linen, and silk, and worth its weight in gold. Their styles incorporate hints of the exotic, from luxurious fabrics and vivid hues to unexpected and sophisticated details that add a taste of international elegance to any girl’s wardrobe. The perfect line for the Diva in all of us.

Investment banker turned fashion designer, Priya Saraswati went from the boardroom to the cutting room. Teaming up with Creative Partner, fashion designer Yugala Priti, the two women discovered a common thread, with their exposure and upbringing in India. Influenced by the rare quality of the saffron spice, the two are inspired by the workmanship and vivid hues of Indian fabrics, and incorporated cross-culture appeal to design the line based on the exclusivity and uniqueness of saffron threads. “The inspiration for the line draws on the lives of women who balance work, travel, and play with equal flair,” says Priya Saraswati, Saffron Rare Threads’ Managing Partner. “We created a line that is sophisticated, timeless, with subtle hints of the exotic in beautiful linings and fabrics, and a fashion forward sensibility.”

The Devi Top, a collared invisi-zip blouse with cuffs, zips up for the boardroom and unzips for an evening in the cocktail lounge, pairs perfectly for a sleek look with the signature Ananda jacket, made of Italian printed, non-wrinkle, stretch fabric with an easy drape and iridescent taffeta lining expressing sophistication, with flair. These pieces are perfect for the jet-set diva who want to walk off her Boeing 747 looking like she’s walking the runway. Functional pieces with deftly hidden features allow you to cross from the conference room to the cocktail lounge with minimum fuss and maximum grace. Sleek, modern fabrics maintain your look for a dash across town…or across the world. And who’s idea was this hidden pocket? Brilliant! Easy to pack, wrinkle-free, and delicious designs—what more can we ask for. Perhaps a seat in First Class?

“A reversible wrap dress is up-and-coming, a contemporary pinstripe on one side that can be reversed to be worn as an exotic dress with rich silk and block print,” says Saffron Rare Threads designer Yugala Priti. “The uniqueness is in the details, which will be revealed and reflected in the flirtations of the upcoming Spring/Summer line.” Why pack two pieces when you can bring along one sexy reversible number? Saffron also offers simplified dressing—the pieces match effortlessly to create a sleek, pulled together look in a matter of minutes. We all have better things to do than spend too much time getting dressed! There’s an exciting world out there for us to explore.

Saffron Rare Threads draws on the lives of modern day muses, contemporary women spanning the globe from Milan to London, New York to Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Delhi—a corporate attorney, investment banker, international aid worker, or entrepreneur. Priya and Yugala conceptualized the line that represents the life of the girl on the go looking for a timeless style that will confidently carry her to her next appointment, or the next time zone.