by Megan Whiteaker

Shoes that help you lose weight and look great! Welcome to a new era of fit and friendly foot wear, shoes that help you burn calories, shape muscles and make your feet feel fabulous. Take a spin in these babies and you’ll never go back to regular shoes again

1.) The Fit Flop

This extremely classy sandal is the new must have fitness shoe. But don’t be fooled girls, this isn’t your normal lets go to the beach sandal, it is sure to whip you into shape. Every step you take with the Fit Flop helps tone and trim your thighs, calves and glutes. The Fit Flop comes in red or black in most women’s sizes.

2.) Earth Shoes

“The heart of any shoe is its sole.” Earth shoes have a shoe for every occasion and are Vegan friendly. Their Negative Heel technology helps you burn more calories by walking at a 3.7 degree incline. The negative heel also helps build endurance, corrects posture, eliminates back pain and gently stimulates and exercise muscles, all by simply walking in them. If you want double the efficiency, get one of those waist trainers that keep help you build posture muscle memory.

3.) Orthotebb Health Shoes

The coolest looking shoes by far! Designed with total body health in mind these shoes are sure to make you feel great. They have a 2 inch platform and a 1.5 inch heel and are designed to greatly increase circulation in the legs and feet. The wearer gradually trims and tones as they use more muscles in her entire legs, hips, rear end and as you stride forward the lower abs and back. These funny shoes allow you to burn calories twice as fast then walking in normal shoes. Available in a flip flop and clog.

4.) The Power Diet Shoes

These shoes mean business! Using a weighted technology specifically designed to burn fat and develop lean Muscles. They use inner sole weights that can be changed depending on the type of workout. They force the wearer to walk on the ball of their foot giving them the effect of walking on sand. This results in very trimmed legs, all from just walking. $10 OFF for Tango Diva readers! Enter TANGODIVA when you place an order for $10 savings.

5.) MBT Swiss Masai Footwear

These shoes are like an invisible personal trainer. They subtly strengthen and engage your leg muscles, increasing precious blood flow to problem areas every moment you have them on. Supermodels, moms and athletes alike are raving about the toned muscles, better balance, improved posture, and swiftly sacked cellulite all from using MBT in their daily routines. Available in Grey hiking boots, black and white sandals.

6.) Beech Sandals

Originally designed for pedicures these comfy sandals are perfect for every day use and very handy on pedi day. With a slot for every toe these are perfect for keeping freshly panted toes looking their best. They also help to improve balance, body alignment, improve posture and are a great aid for relief of hip and back problems. Cute shoes that allow you to have great nails and help you to get healthy, I’m there!

7.) Asgi Shoes

While these shoes look like they belong on a grassy soccer field don’t be fooled by their cleat like appearance. ” These Pioneering sandals will take your feet to comfort paradise.” They have a state of the art stability and cushioning sole , a custom foot forming built in orthotic, and strategically placed rubber pods on the sole to absorb shock as you walk. Available in red, black or white in several fashionable and stylish designs.

8.) Insolia Inserts

Heels don’t have to be the enemy anymore with Insolia inserts. These revolutonary miracles fundamentally change the inside of high heels by shifting the weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel and makes it feel like you are wearing much lower heels, Yeah!!! This improves body alignment and balance dramatically reducing leg and lower back fatigue while reducing pressure in the ball of the foot. This allows women to return to their normal heal to toe stride.

9.) Ecco Shoes

Ecco shoes are known around the world for being the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever buy. For those more active divas, Ecco has developed their new receptor technology, shoes which was designed to stand up to the most rigorous of conditions while keeping that light as a feather and comfortable than ever motto. These shoes have been developed to move, stretch and flex the same way your bare feet would.

10.) Mass Air System Shoes

Designed with People who suffer from Rheumatic disease, arthritis or other joint type injuries. These revolutionary shoes are the first of their kind to specifically absorb the shock placed on the weight bearing joints, dissipating it through three shock absorbing air bag insoles to leave you with the feeling of walking on air. $10 OFF for Tango Diva readers! Enter TANGODIVA when you place an order for $10 savings.