” target=”_self”>Teresa at the Quinta Sol Hotel

I’ve been staying at the Quinta Sol hotel in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Because this is my 4th time to Playa, I wanted to try out a quieter area of town. The other places that I have stayed are steps from the beach – and loud nightclubs. Which is great when you want to dance all night, then stumble home. This hotel is located on the bustling 5th Ave (just like New York’s) and 28th Street. It is the upper east side in Playa – and much like New York, it becomes more of a high-end neighborhood when the numbers get bigger. We are 2 blocks away from Mamita’s Beach Club, which is the number one beach in Playa. The beach is covered in beautiful Europeans wearing itty bitty bikinis, many of the women are topless. Okay, back to the hotel….

The hotel is charming. Sol means sun in Spanish, and the stairways are lined with darling sun tiles and yellow lights. In the middle of this small hotel is a sacred Mayan tree. I think it is a Ceba tree, but no one here is sure. The hotel is built around the tree, so it gives it an essence of living in a tree house. We are staying in the top cabana with high palapa ceilings and a private balcony. There is a cute hot (luke warm) tub on the second floor, which is great to jump into after a hot day on the beach.

If you want a nice hotel that is reasonable priced ($120-$250 per night) then I highly recommend this hotel. They don’t have room service and the hot water is sketchy and some of the rooms are pretty dark – so ask for a bright room if you want one.

During the hurricane, the crew at the hotel was great. The staff here was amazing and very generous. They moved us into one of the cavernous rooms with only a window on the courtyard and supplied us with lots of food and water. I decided to stay at the International House because I wanted to be with my friends.

They have 24-hour security and the hotel is steps from a dozen wonderful restaurants… the downside, there is major construction going on, so plan on waking at 8 am, before the hammers start. Playa is growing quickly, so there is a ton of construction going on everywhere. But if you spend the day at the beach, you won’t notice the noise.