Exploring the sights, smells and shopping of Singapore on a typical hot and humid day can make any travel diva tired, torn and depleted. Just navigating through the crowded streets of Chinatown will do a number on your body… that’s without taking into account the damage caused by toting heavy bags laden with must-have market finds. As I headed south out of the Chinatown maze in desperate search of an air conditioned bistro or shop, I saw the savior sign “Beauty Empire”. This spa is in a small intimate space tucked on Erskine Road, a fashionable side street within walking distance of popular Scarlet Hotel, a uniquely decadent boutique hotel property considered one of Singapore’s hidden gems.

I peered into the window to check out the place. It was bright, tastefully decorated …and spotless. When I walked in, the staff greeted me with smiles and a kind offer of a cup of tea. I felt at home and quickly sat down to review the menu. Services ranged from manicures, pedicures, facials to reflexology and full body massages. The Oxygen Anti-Wrinkle Facial treatment caught my eye. Anne, the spa manager, carefully explained each service from benefits to cost.  Unlike many resort or hotel spas, Beauty Empire’s service fees were affordable and fairly priced… and in most cases, well under the prices of typical spa or full service salon in the U.S.

I was ready to be pampered. Given my tight schedule, I opted to try multiple services at one time. The spa team was up for the challenge and quickly prepared me for my ultimate beauty experience. I was lost in a dream – Nic worked on my aching feet with a soothing therapeutic reflexology massage, while Sally coated my hands and arms in a chocolate hydrating mousse. Anne, the spa manager, administered the oxygen treatment which featured a natural facial masque and “real oxygen” via an inhaler to infuse my skin and relax my muscles. The near four hour spa session ended with a foot scrub and an artistic pedicure. While I sipped at a traditional tea, apparently it contained the best vitamins for weight loss. I was energized and transformed – “a new woman” right down to the hand painted floral designs on my toenails.

On your planned visit to Singapore, take time for a little royal treatment at Beauty Empire… you will not be disappointed.

Below is a quick overview of Beauty Empire’s favorite signature treatments – each a 1 hour 20 minute session averaging $100 Singapore Dollars (less than $90 US at the time of publication):

  • Chocolate Indulgence Package: Full Body Massage with 20 minute chocolate anti-oxidant wrap. Renews and softens skin.
  • Traveler’s Recovery Package: Full Body Massage with 20 minute Oxygen Recharge inhalation for Jetlag.
  • Traditional Herbal Therapy: Body Massage utilizing a special natural blend of herbs, rice powder and coconut oil to exfoliate the dead skin, soothe tired muscles, improve blood circulation, and recharge the body.

Check out the Beauty Empire website for Special Promotions and Service Menu.

Special Note: Scarlet Hotel guests receive a complimentary massage and service discounts. Contact the hotel for details.