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October 23rd, 2008
SF Spa Goes Eco-Chic

Epi-Center MedSpa Goes Green. The new eco-medspa is elegant and inviting, cultivating a San Francisco chic meets eastern simplicity in its design. It is designed using eco materials, from the eco-paints to beautifully sustainable recycled fabrics, flooring, countertops and recycled and FSC-certified wood. It is energy efficient and conserves resources through its lighting, recycling and water filters that will eliminate the need for bottled water.

Eco medspa treatments now consists of organic skin care ranging from corrective to luxury pampering facial treatments.

Traditional medical spa treatments will remain on the menu of treatments, being balanced with organic skin care products and a healthful environment to bring out natural beauty holistically. For more info or to set up an appointment, visit: www.epicentermedspa.com

2 thoughts on “SF Spa Goes Eco-Chic

  1. That’s awesome that the spa is going eco-friendly! The idea of natural spa treatments sounds much more inviting. Now the next step is to open an eco resort – in SF that might be hard ;)

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