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My dear friend Anna Love was inspired to go to West Virginia as a curious human being who cares about our human right to live on a healthy planet. She’d gone to the opening of a documentary called Burning the Future at the Kabuki. The entire film making team was there as well as Maria Gunnoe, the 2009 winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

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The movie was about Mountain Top Removal in West Virginia. Anna wasn’t an activist or a humanitarian photojournalist. She’s been photographing posh weddings in wine country for the last 8 years, enjoying eating organic food and drinking wheat grass in San Francisco. So it’s a bit unusual that she would choose a trip to West Virginia to see mountains being blown up as a vacation.


What inspired her was a sense of urgency deep in her soul, a feeling that time is running out for all of us if we each don’t do what we can to make positive choices for the planet. And what she could do was take pictures and share them.


Now, she is showing her images from her trip to the coal mines along with others who have been moved by this tragedy.

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Please join her and other in San Francisco:

“Can a butterfly flapping its wings in West Virginia create a ripple in San Francisco?” Hear stories, see photography, and watch video from Appalachia regarding Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, it’s toxic impact to local communities, the environment and our water supply.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Bija Yoga Studio
1348 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA

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