Ahoy, ocean-loving Divas! If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the waters around Catalina Island, you now have three chances to do so with the Maritime Museum of San Diego. They’re offering three separate trips aboard the schooner Californian, a traditional tall ship sailing vessel. As their promo materials put it:

As an active member of the crew you will take your turn standing watch, hauling lines, manning the helm and perhaps going aloft. Trips are designed for those with an adventurous spirit, a robust nature and a passion for the sea.

Translation: this might not be the trip for you if you’re prone to seasickness! But otherwise it sounds like great fun. The trip dates and rates are listed below; for more information, visit their website or call 619-234-9153.

  • May 22-May 25

Memorial Day weekend

4 days 3 nights

$575.00 per person

  • July 24-July 26

3 days 2 nights

$474 per person

  • September 4-September 7

Labor Day Weekend

4 days 3 nights

$575 per person