If you are like the majority of end-of-year list makers you have written “lose weight”. If you are a teacher or a parent or heck, a woman in training, the message should be to internalize positive self esteem, not “I hate my body”. Open any magazine with a female model photo and you can’t help but compare yourself to her perfection.

Here is your one word mantra: P H O T O S H O P.

If watching this video has you fanning the embers of feminist ire, there is something you can do. Share this video, especially to young girls still forming their identity. Tim Piper had a vision of raising funds for a feature length doc based on this video. His project on Kickstarter died by lack of donations. You can contact him on his website

According to Piper, only 2% of women believe they are beautiful, 98% of women have a fundamental false perception of their own bodies. Besides world peace, wouldn’t it be nice to rid the world of eating disorders and change the mindset of industrial food companies, the fashion industry, how women are portrayed in films and what girls learn in school. Make this issue important to your local politician. Or just change your own mind about your body. Your success in life does not hinge on the loss of five pounds, it’s all about how you see yourself.
Go for it!