Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Gavin NewsomMy darling girlfriend Sonya, who happens to be a drop dead gorgeous Russian, opened up a fabulous boutique in San Francisco and threw a soiree to rival any fashion party in Europe. The name of her store is PODIUM, which means “runway” in Russian. The guest list read like the VIP pages of San Francisco’s social magazines, and between the glasses of champagne and chitchat, I was able to get a shot with San Francisco’s hot major Gavin Newson. Yes, I will vote for him, when he runs for president!

That afternoon, I had a photo shoot for 7×7 magazine’s February issue. Not knowing what to wear, I ran over to Sonya’s place so she could dress me for my big magazine appearance. Donned in the finest Parisian threads, I headed to my photo shoot feeling like a million bucks. I was met by my make up artist, Maria O’Reilly. She is an absolute master when it comes to making a girl look like a rock star. Just days earlier, she did Sophia Lauren’s make up for her Napa Valley shoot for a national magazine.

At the end of the party, I returned my Cinderella clothes back to their rightful owner, but Sonya generously said, “Keep the pants, they look amazing on you!” So I did!

You can find Sonya’s boutique at:

2415 Chestnut Street  
San Francisco