by Christina Santos

You have your flight booked. You’ve packed all your medicine. You’ve even taken care to seal all your liquids in plastic baggies. Now you can take the extra step and plan your meals too.

Gone are the days of Lunchables! Those pre-packaged “meals” that contained little more than a couple of slices of sodium-laden ham and cheese and maybe a cookie if you were lucky. Those sorry excuses for a meal are barely enough to feed a child, let alone a hungry adult on the run. Luckily the Diva on the run now has GoPicnic to reach for in times of hunger. Nutritious and delicious, GoPicnic are pre-packaged meals that require no refrigeration or heating and are ready to be gobbled up whenever, wherever. They’re packed with natural ingredients and are free of any trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG’s to worry about.

Here at Tango Diva headquarters, we oohed and ahhed like children over the plump, jumbo raisins of the kid friendly ExplorerMunch and filled up on the couscous and all-natural hummus, pita chip combo of the RivieraPicnic. Need a little something sweet at the end of every meal? Each GoPicnic meal comes with a low-calorie dessert.

With over 25 yummy meals to choose from, there is even something for vegetarian, gluten-fee, kosher, and halal diets. Each food item is individually sealed and labeled with its ingredients, so it is possible for those with very specific dietary requirements to tailor their meal accordingly. And all GoPicnic Meals are 100% Peanut Free.

The handy packaging makes each box easy to set on your lap to use as a tray. Perfect for road trips! We especially love how each meal comes with a mint, utensils, and cleanup is a breeze with the handy lemon scented wipes.

FYI– Each item has a maximum shelf life of 30 days, so plan accordingly when ordering.

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