Bike tours give travelers a chance to see the world in a very personal way, rather than through the window of a car, train or bus. If you’re taking a trip to Israel this year and are in need of some excitement, both travelers and sport enthusiasts alike can now come together and share the experience of biking through Israel in one of Gordon Active‘s new “Biking the Path of Jesus” tours.

Throughout two days of biking through Israel, you will see many gorgeous sights and historical sites. Day 1 is an easy day, and kicks off at Nazareth, where you will head into the woods that surround the town. From there, you will be able to see a panoramic view of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Gilboa and Mt. Tabor. This is supposed to be a fantastic view, so bring your camera! It is then off to the rolling hills and olive groves that surround lower Galilee and down past a few biblical ruins. After lunch, the journey continues through the Horns of Hattin fort, and you will finish at Kibbutz Lavi.

Day 2 is a harder, more mountainous outing, so if you wish to continue on your journey of the Israel, it begins right where you left off. You will cycle through a pilgrimage site and Arbel Valley, and catch a glimpse of the Sea of Galilee. Eventually, you will reach the shores after riding through a single track trail with cliffs on both sides of you. Just thinking about exhilarating that makes me want to go! You will then go through the ancient town of Kinneret and end in Capernaum, a fascinating archeological site.

Each day is about a 20 Km ride and bikes, helmets, water and snacks are provided. The tours are lead by experienced and licensed guides and transportation and lodging are available. Count me in!

If you would like to “pedal the footsteps of Jesus,” click here to get in contact with Gordon Active to book a tour today!

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