Tango Diva

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Christina Hryniewicki

A California gal, Christina studied Communications at Arizona State University (ASU). Yearning for change and adventure, she exited stage left for San Francisco upon graduation. In her opinion, the best decision she ever made. Writing and researching for Tango Diva readers has opened her eyes to so many different opportunities the world has to offer. With a passion for soccer, music festivals, photography, food, and of course traveling, Christina is ready to hit the road running. Literally. An avid athlete and prom queen blended into one eager go-getter - she thrives on spontaneity, having fun (but being sensible at the same time), making new friends in unexpected places, and helping others anyway she can. Yet to take the solo travel plunge she is inspired as she inspires others. Her travel wish list in no particular order: Bora Bora Bali Australia Greece (Santorini and Mykonos to be exact) Alaska to see the Northern Lights Favorite Travel Moments: Meeting family in Poland and dancing to Polish folk songs, seeing Stonehenge, dancing all night at Coachella with best friends, karaoke in Seattle, making new (best) friends in San Francisco, and the unforgettable epic road trip from Phoenix to Austin.