Think of every water sport you’ve ever done. Surfing? Scuba diving? Snorkeling? Maybe even parasailing?

Move over, other water sports, because Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is quickly becoming a very popular water sport! Get to the nearest body of water this summer to catch a ride!

So, what exactly is SUP? It’s a stand up water sport where while standing upright on a paddle board or surf board you propel yourself over the water with a rowing motion. Paddleboarding is ideal for calm, flat conditions and discovering breathtaking scenery.

Tropical destinations such as Bora Bora, Bali and Hawaii are unanimous popular places to paddle board. However, locations such as Chorrillos, Peru (home of the World SUP & Paddleboard Championships), and Malibu, California are all recently rising to the top.

Many companies offer lessons and tours for paddleboarding. Pura Vida Ride, an organization that specializes in outdoor activities, offers rentals and tours in Costa Rica. For ride rates, click here! Another company, PADDLE! the Florida Keys, offers 2-3 hour guided eco-tours through the mangroves of the Upper Keys. Sign me up!

Something I’d like to try is Paddleboard Yoga. Paddleboarding is a peaceful activity in itself, and doing yoga on the board on water makes it even better. The board is large enough to act as a mat, and sturdy enough to support being stood on. Besides giving your core muscles a run for their money, you can relish in the serenity of the water. It’s the ideal combination of a workout and enlightenment. YogAqua, a company described by the Huffington Post as one of the “coolest LA workouts,” gives great SUP yoga lessons. They provide a great deal for new students too!

Tips for how to do paddle boarding from Floating Authority