Sorry that I have been away for a while. Funny, I’m in Europe for 16 days and I blog everyday, then I come home and I disappear. It was for good reasons, I assure you. Remember that my Apple PowerBook G4 went into the shop before my trip? Well the saga took a turn for the worse.

On Thursday December 1, I hooked up my external hard drive to another Apple to download some files that I needed to work on ASAP, I still did not have my computer. Nothing was there, all my files were Alias’. I immediately called Naomi and left a message begging her to not clear my hard drive. I had not saved my information properly and that was my only copy (yes, my fault). I then called her Friday morning, no luck. She didn’t answer her phone, nor did she ever return my calls. On Friday afternoon, I was told that my computer was ready for pick up and that my hard drive was replaced. I fell on my knees and dry heaved, my hard drive had everything: my book, all my writing, all my contacts, everything. Gone.

I accept full responsibility for not backing up properly. But the customer service, the lack of communication, the rudeness, the complete disrespect for my concern about my hard drive, and the general feeling that no one at Apple cares is really disappointing.

Luckily, the Mac Genius at Apple is a true hero. His name is Eli Block and I brought in my external hard drive and he took the time to find some old data on it from October. You should have see it, it was a scene out of a movie. I sat there, with a half dozen other people waiting for help, when Eli hooked up my hard drive to see what he could find. I was sick, shaking and on the verge of tears. All the customers were so supportive and kept me calm through the process. Then, all of a sudden, beautiful Eli pops his head up from his monitor and says, in an angel’s voice, “What’s the name of your book?” I said, “Fly Solo,” and he says the best words I’ve heard all year, “Top 50?” And I exclaim, “YES!” and start crying. Everyone around the Genius bar started clapping as Eli grined, and I wept for joy. Eli is on the Acknowledgments page of my book.

But, now, the right-hand-side side of my computer, where I rest my wrists, is pushed in and creeks when I’m typing — this was not so when I dropped it off in November. I dare not take it in to get it fixed, I might lose another 3 weeks off my deadline.