Go GREEN and get a flawless complexion.

Mineral Fusion’s line of foundations feature pharmaceutical-grade minerals and superior blend of antioxidants that will protect and nourish the skin.

The artful mix of natural ingredients sounds more like a yummy smoothie than a cosmetic.

Pomegranate, red tea, white tea, sea kelp, aloe vera, and cucumber with the an extra kick of Vitamins C and E create a powerful elixir that evens skin tone and erases fine lines.

With a gentle sweep of a brush, the loose or pressed powder foundation creates a smooth, silky and shine-free finish. Powder can be blended into the skin in layers for light to medium coverage.

Mineral Fusion’s powder is safe, gentle and a true miracle-worker for skin types suffering from redness, age spots or other pigmentation issues.

Foundation powders come in a variety of shades. Color levels range from Cool to Neutral.



The formula is free of parabens and talc.

100% Vegan –  Hypo-allergenic – Fragrance-free

For more information, visit the Mineral Fusion website.

Suggested Retail: $29.99

Available at Whole Food Markets.