Hey – anyone else out there a mileage hog like me? I LOVE earning miles. I have always been motivated by incentives. And I think I am good at earning them. I think alot of people are. It’s the spending of those hard earned miles that I fuss with. So far this year I have spent my United miiles fairly well.

Til December for only 15K I can go anywhere within 750 miles of SF for $5. (usually 25K)  Santa Barbara? $5. Boise? $5. Vegas? YES $5!

I like this discounted mileage traveling. Though – I have to keep in mind – I am not earning miles for those flights. Just knocking off sizeable chunks from the total! Eroding international redemption power.

Recently United added a feauture to booking award travel tools – showcasing the flights they have plenty of award seats available on. I can tell you that in September – flying out of Denver offers the most choices, followed by Washington DC. I think this tool is in it’s early infancy as I was able to research plenty of availablity out of SFO.

I use to hop around all kinds of sites that collected mile offers into one place. But I have lost track of those sites. And, really, there is only so much time I can spend in front of a computer!