tango diva teresa williamson peju wineryNothing is better than good food, wine, and conversation. On Friday, my husband and I were invited to join a few fashion luminaries for a private lunch on the lush grounds of Peju winery in Napa Valley with Lisa Peju. The lunch was out of this world. Chef Max created one of the finest meals I have eaten this side of Tuscany. We dined on an organic arugula salad with goat’s cheese, blue potatoes roasted in fresh olive oil, summer squash, grilled salmon, and beef that was lovingly roasted in old Cabernet barrels. Dessert was fresh peach tartlets and more cheese. 

This was a heavenly meal where all the stars line up and everything was perfect. The food, wine, and conversation. Colleen Quen was there, my favorite couture designer, who took the day off after her jaw-dropping show at San Francisco Fashion Week. Her work, just like Max’s is brilliant and thoughtful. Everything in balance, everything prepared beautifully. If you have the chance to dine on Max’s food – please do. Cruise up past Napa, and head to Rutherford. The Peju family is delightful and their story is heartwarming. (www.peju.com) And if you have a soiree that commands a dramatic gown that fits you like a glove – visit Colleen (http://www.colleenquencouture.com)

My case of Peju wine is on it’s way to my home. I can’t wait to uncork one of those fine bottles and pretend I am back in heaven.