The travel world is a community. Everyone has a story to tell or experiences to share. Learning about fellow travelers will better your own travels and give fresh insight. That’s why, each month, we feature a different Tango Diva member.

About Ashley: I am a mother, stepmother, wife, cyclist, skier, Italophile, business owner, volunteer, baker and in serious need of a nap! I have run my own boutique travel company specializing in adventures of a lifetime in Italy for the past three years. I love sharing my passion for Italy and things Italian with others.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Energetic, friendly, curious

How do these words inspire your travels?
I see travel as an opportunity to learn about other cultures. The most important thing to me is getting to know the people of a country or region. I love hearing about a city or town from the locals and I could sit for hours just people watching and observing.

What inspired you to travel originally?
I have always been curious about other places, but it was a summer in college without a plan that inspired me to travel. Looking for something to occupy much of break, I chose to enroll in summer school in Rome. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is your favorite destination?

How do you deal with stress while traveling?
I try my best to avoid stress while traveling by having a plan but embracing the idea that, especially in travel, things do not always go as planned. I really accept the fact that strikes, flight delays and other unexpected issues are commonplace when one travels and just try to go with the flow. If I do get into a stressful situation, I do find it best stopping and sitting down with a coffee at a café while I assess the situation and compose myself.

Who do you like to travel with?
I love traveling with my husband and children. They are super travelers and I think it is in their genes.

What are you favorite activities while traveling?
Love trying great local restaurants, checking out museums (major or lesser known) or doing what the locals like to do. Last time we were in Montreal, we went to a Canadiens game. It was great to watch a game with people who are so knowledgeable about the game.

What is the best advice you ever learned while traveling?
Be ready for anything.

What travel moment has stuck with you?
I would have to say that my trip to Saint Maarten 14 years ago was the most memorable. My husband proposed to me on the trip!

What is your future travel goal?
My list of places to visit is ridiculously long. My job gets me to Italy so much that it leaves very little time for pleasure travel these days. The next trip we are planning is next summer – we are going to head out West with the kids: Utah, New Mexico, Colorado. Can’t wait!

Ashley is also one of our Tango Diva Preferred Travel Agents. Check out her amazing trips to Italy!