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February 8th, 2006
Spring in San Francsico


Of course – here comes my e-fare shopping list and Santa Barbara for $111 RT is on it! But, here in SF – Spring has sprung – it’s so warm and clear- so breathtaking beautiful – that traveling is not an option. Instead Sonoma calls when the weather is like this. Eliana – my friend from Lima, Peru arrived today – and like a true diva – has hit Union Square with some real resolve. She had to pick up 6 bags at Nine West alone! The city is so clean after the rains and the buildings are so striking against the blue skies. Time to show off the city I love and live in! Any hints on favorite spots?

PS love this photo of SF homes under Twin peaks by Thomas Hawk

3 thoughts on “Spring in San Francsico

  1. Ahh, Golden Gate Park is one of my faves, especially on a Sunday when the streets close and bikers, runners, and Olympian wannabes take over. I love the smell of hot dogs from a vendor’s cart and the luscious Japanese Tea Garden awaits me in its splendor and glory with my vice for rice paper candies where the paper melts in my mouth and the hot tea washes it down while I watch Koi swim in the ponds underneath swaggering trees and lovely Japanese bridges. I also love the Marina… grabbing one of my favorite desserts from around the corner (Just Desserts) and spreading a blanket on the lawn to watch colorful kites dance in the winds and boats gliding by… Reading amongst the activity is also a thrill. Then there’s Union Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Metreon, museums galore (I’m partial to the Academy of Sciences, although they’re redoing that now, walking around China Town, hell, walking anywhere in the city is a treat for the senses. I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!

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