Motherhood has never been something I’ve dreamt about. On no account have I had romantic notions of a darling baby cooing while we gently sway in a rocking chair. Writing has always been my inspiration-the alchemy of raw thoughts into golden prose.

Since I was little I loved scribbling down my rudimentary thoughts. First it was silly poems, which turned into award-winning poetry. Then the poems transformed into essays that soon evolved into award-winning literary works. And now, here I am, about to give birth to my first baby. A real-life going-to-be-published-by-a-respected-publisher book!

It took longer than 9 months to birth her. Actually, it took years of traveling, and then years of building a company, then years of going through draft after draft of book ideas. And alas, she is born! She is 684 pages and around 4 inches high! Of course, this in not how she will look when she grows up, once she is on the shelves, she will be trim and beautiful. So, here’s a picture of her moments after birth. She is still awkward and immature, but over the next few months, she will blossom into a real beauty. Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Isn’t it fun?!