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February 27th, 2006
Meet my baby!

Motherhood has never been something I’ve dreamt about. On no account have I had romantic notions of a darling baby cooing while we gently sway in a rocking chair. Writing has always been my inspiration-the alchemy of raw thoughts into golden prose.

Since I was little I loved scribbling down my rudimentary thoughts. First it was silly poems, which turned into award-winning poetry. Then the poems transformed into essays that soon evolved into award-winning literary works. And now, here I am, about to give birth to my first baby. A real-life going-to-be-published-by-a-respected-publisher book!

It took longer than 9 months to birth her. Actually, it took years of traveling, and then years of building a company, then years of going through draft after draft of book ideas. And alas, she is born! She is 684 pages and around 4 inches high! Of course, this in not how she will look when she grows up, once she is on the shelves, she will be trim and beautiful. So, here’s a picture of her moments after birth. She is still awkward and immature, but over the next few months, she will blossom into a real beauty. Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Isn’t it fun?!

2 thoughts on “Meet my baby!

  1. isn’t it amazing how much of life we have to experience in order to see what we get from it. You say that you have been nourishing and caring for you’re book well, when i live life and learn from experiences i write poems and sermons. I want to help other people, get through hardships. i pray that this is what you’re book does for people cousin. i’m proud of you and i’m very happy for you. congrats!!!!

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