Entertaining Entertainment

If you want to continue the good-ol’-days strip theme, stroll next door to Peep Show, starring Holly Madison (from Hefner’s Girl Next Door fame) as Little Bo Peep. This topless revue (with the obvious exception of Holly, the rest of the “tops” were refreshingly un-touched) is rather tame by Vegas standards but a heck of a lot fun, with a couple of great singers that carried the show. Holly fans can pay for the added thrill of a post-show meet and greet which includes champagne and the opportunity to take your picture with Holly.

Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

For a different thrill-set, go see Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ. I have to admit that after seeing half a dozen of Cirque’s shows, I was so “been there, done that” but KÀ totally blew my mind. I couldn’t begin to follow the story line about some Imperial Twins separated by war after embarking on an epic journey but it didn’t matter. The multimillion dollar set is an amazing backdrop for showcasing the talents of the gravity-defying artists. (I don’t want to give anything away but I’ve never seen anything like the 60-foot free fall during a fight scene.) The human-size animal puppetry combined with cutting edge multimedia was incredible, as was the beautifully simplistic Shadow Play scene, which pays tribute to the earliest form of story telling.

Daytime Diversions

Other than pool-hopping and hanging in the air-con malls, there wasn’t a lot I wanted to do in 110 degree heat, EXCEPT test my mad flying skills at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. For an exhilarating experience, “flying” scores right up there. Their indoor vertical wind tunnel allows you to experience all the fun of skydiving without the “OMG, I’m going to die” part. The instructors were exceedingly patient, hysterically funny and very safety-conscious. First you’re weighed in (after all the fine dining I really appreciated that they wrote down my poundage without comment) and sent to the classroom for a brief lesson on proper body positioning (good thing I’m taking Pilates-I aced this one), special hand signals to use while in flight, followed by a short video reiterating the do’s and don’ts. After putting on the special flight suit and head gear our intrepid trio of journalists entered the padded womb-like tunnel. We each took three turns flying. The instructor kept giving me the signal “to relax” but with all the adrenaline, it’s harder than it looks. My last time, he twirled me high in air like pizza dough, and I finally loosened up. One more lesson and I’ll be ready to try out for.

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