Magazines are one of those small, exciting luxuries I allow myself and as I sit carefully flipping through my favorite one, Anthology Magazine, and sipping peppermint tea, I realize things don’t get much better. Actually holding a beautiful publication is so much more satisfying than reading it on a screen.

I first discovered Anthology Magazine before the first issue was even to the printer’s. I was drawn in instantly by the website and tagline: “Living with substance and style.”

It is a shelter and lifestyle magazine that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home decor, travel, design, entertaining and culture.

The first three issues have been centered around the themes, “the slow life,” “where the past meets the present” and “life is a party.”

The magazine is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly digital world. The articles are impeccably written, the photography and design work is art, and even the texture of the paper feels special.

And indeed, this is a very special magazine full of substance and oodles of style.

Their blog is just as stylish, with daily doses of inspiration.

It will be love – I promise you!