I’m not 20 anymore. Guys do not gratuitously flirt with me now that I am married and in my late thirties. I don’t remember the last time a guy looked at me with boundless passion and undressed me with his eye. Oh, yes, I remember! It was just a few days ago when I was in the Dominican Republic! I went there to check out some of the new resorts they are building and meet with a few important members of their government.

The men on this small, Caribbean island are beautiful. They have skin the color of café au lait and eyes as deep as the sea. Their smiles are intoxicating and the first question they ask you is, “When can we dance?” or “How can I bring you joy?” Really.

teresa williamson tango divaThe national language is Spanish, and it rolls off their tongues like sweet honey. It is not Spanish spoken in Spain or Mexico. it is the kind of Spanish you would whisper to your lover after a night of passionate lovemaking. It is soft, filled with enough “rrrrrrrr’s” to start a motor, and exceptionally mysterious.

If you just left a bad relationship, or only getting a measly serving of attention in your current relationship – go to the Dominican Republic. Let the men caress you with their gentle words, and if you are not married, let them caress you with more than words. I think us women forget what it is like to be admired and enjoyed as passionate beings. We get so caught up in our lives that we ignore our own desires and secret wishes for intimacy. Even if my time in the Dominican Republic was short, and I am a married woman pushing my way to 40, it was divine to have gorgeous men make me feel wonderful and sexy for a few days.